The 2017 Clintonville Rotary/Dr. Brian H. and Carrie L. Kvitko Scholarship

Clintonville Rotary and Dr. Brian H. and Carrie L. Kvitko

Congratulate Michael Ray, winner of the Dr Brian K and Carrie L Kvitko Rotary 4way test Scholarship!


The Clintonville Rotary/Dr. Brian H. and Carrie L. Kvitko Scholarship.

This is our second annual scholarship contest and is open to high school seniors living in Clintonville. The winner will receive $4000, to be applied to continuing education.  Rotary and The Kvitkos value Education, Integrity, Goodwill and Community Spirit and are proud to offer this scholarship.

“Carrie and I want to advance the educational opportunities of our Clintonville youth, an endeavor which is near and dear to our hearts.”- Dr. Kvitko

The theme of the scholarship is the Rotary Four-Way Test – a nonpartisan and nonsectarian ethical guide for Rotarians to use for their personal and professional relationships.  Clintonville Rotary believes that all students who apply for this scholarship benefit from the exercise of examining ones own effect on the community. The community also benefits by having a set of values that students (and those around them) can contemplate throughout their education and aspire to uphold.


The Scholarship

This scholarship is for Clintonville high school seniors who are intending to pursue education beyond high school.

The goal of the scholarship is to reward a student who demonstrates Rotary’s principles of The Four-Way Test throughout his or her life.


$4,000 will be awarded to one high school senior to be used for continued education and growth beyond high school.