Become A Member of Rotary

How do I join?

  • Contact us to attend a meeting, social or service project. We meet Friday mornings at 7:30 in Clintonville. (Please contact us, as the location is subject to change some weeks.)
    • Talk to us in person. Let’s see if our goals are similar and how we can help each other.
    • Next steps – Have a member submit a membership application on your behalf. (It’s a way for our members to get to know you better.)

How much are dues?

As a new Rotarian, dues are $100 per quarter. After the first year, dues are $150 per quarter. (That includes breakfast for morning meetings and evening socials.)

Why do we pay dues?

A portion of your dues go to Rotary International – This enables Rotary to pay for administrative costs to run a huge, global organization. Because of this, the Rotary Foundation is able to operate with no overhead paid out of charitable donations.  What other foundations or charities do you know of where 100% of donations go directly to fund projects aligned with their public purpose?
Clintonville Rotary includes dues on top of the International dues to help pay for local operational costs, quarterly social events, and breakfast at Rotary meetings.
Many of our members also contribute individually to the Rotary International Foundation. (This is optional.) Video: Find out more about the Rotary Foundation

How many members are in Rotary?

The Rotary International Organization has over 1.2 million members globally. This is made up of over 33,000 clubs in 200 countries. Each club is unique to its community and the number of members reflects the size of the community as well as the level of community engagement via that club.  Clintonville Rotary has 14 members. We are a relatively new club (established in 2009) and we are ready for our membership to grow. We are looking for people who share a desire to serve their community and connect with others in that service.


Membership Application: